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Cancellation of the Departure: How to Obtain the Refund of the Trip

Generally, among the many unforeseen events that can ruin a trip is the sudden cancellation of departure for personal reasons due to illness, for commitments that can not be waived or otherwise.
those are cases when we need to require a refund of the booked trip to recover the costs of the airfare and the hotel: usually with an insurance cover on the trip it is possible to obtain in full time the full compensation of the entire advance fee for the trip.
Usually the costs of subscribing to travel insurance are not very expensive and there are many companies on the web who are willing to provide this service, offering different types at very affordable rates.

The most popular is the Insurance Flight + Hotel, although it can choose from a variety of formulas that suit any case, such as refund only flight or hotel only, rather than voyage cancellation and much more.

For those who have not thought about traveling on the trip and therefore do not have any insurance coverage, there is still the possibility of compensation in case of cancellation of the departure.
The Code of Tourism (Legislative Decree of 23.5.2011 No. 79, Code of Tourism) gives the possibility of compensation in the case that the consumer annuls the departure due to sudden, unsuccessful events such as unforeseen illness or a mourning, with the full repayment of the sum paid, without exception.
In addition, a recent European court sentence, gives the right to the traveller to be fully remunerated even in the event of cancellation of a trip also in cases related not directly from own impediment but also of relative's illness. Also in this cases there's the opportunity of being refunded without payment of any penalties

Ruined Holiday: How to Claim Compensation for Travel Issues

Unfortunately, sometime we back unhappy from a vacation due to more or less serious discomforts such as erroneous flight and hotel bookings, lack of services required, and so much more. In these cases it is our right to request a refund to the Travel Agency, where we’ve made the reservation, as compensation (both economic and moral). In this case you can go directly to the agency which will forward the request to the tour operator, who is always responsible for service and failure. If, however, the disagreements are related to the reservations or information provided to the customer, the travel agency must respond. The claim for holiday compensation must be filed no later than 10 days after having returned from the holiday in question, as long as it is possible to obtain reimbursement of the invoiced expenses.


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