Damaged or Lost Luggage Claim

If your luggage has been damaged or lost, you can claim a compensation

What to do in case of Lost Baggage During Your Travel

In recent times, mainly because of the intensification of air traffic, it often happens that the passenger, once they arrive at their destination airport, faces the unpleasant event of having their bag lost by the airline.
In these cases, the first thing to do is to go to the lost office of the airport in question ("Lost and Found" sign at each point), carrying the air ticket and luggage ticket, and fill in the Pir form (Property Irregularity Report), describing in detail the lost baggage, ie size, color and brand.

At the time when the complaint is forwarded, you can choose to pick up the luggage personally or having it delivered by courier: recent statistics have found that about 80% of lost luggage is recovered within 24 hours of the complaint and 20% within 3 days. If within these terms you have not yet track your personal belongings, you can initiate a practice to claim for a refund of your lost luggage.

How to Claim Redemption for Missed Baggage

If the luggage is completely lost you can ask for a refund to get compensated for the loss of your personal belongings.

It is the right of the traveler to get compensation of up to about 1200 euros from airlines belonging to the European Union worldwide. The same applies to a ruined or late baggage.

According to the Montreal Convention, which aims to ensure uniformity and predictability of international passenger, luggage and freight transport regulations, the airline is always liable for damages related to destruction, deterioration or loss of luggage and also in case of delay in delivery.
To meet these first requirements, some companies, in the event of discomfort due to the loss of their luggage, provide first aid kits to the passengers concerned.

How to Claim For Your Lost Luggage

Claims can be made by sending a registered return receipt directly to the airline, indicating the damage suffered and providing evidence with travel documents attesting the actual damage. This request must be filed within 21 days of the loss of luggage, as indicated by the same Montreal Convention.

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