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Get Up 600€ Back as Compensation for Flight Delays

Among thousands of different flights every day, some flights get delayed, some flights get cancelled and overbooking is a problem too. However, in each of these situations the only victim is the passengers. Whether you are going for a business meeting or holiday, flight delay and similar problems can cost you – sometimes in terms of money and sometimes in term of time. Interestingly, a significant proportion of the people (even regular travelers) don’t know that airlines are bound to pay flight refund and compensation to each passenger for this trouble.

And even people, who know about this compensation policy, do not follow through because they don’t want to get into lengthy legal matters, especially when they are not even sure about the outcome. That’s where flight refund specialist comes in handy. We at Tourist legal Assistance, provide flight refund services as a travel claim solicitor where we represent passengers in the court against the airline regardless of the geographical location of our client (the passenger).



So, How It Is Different Than Other Legal Services? 

Well, there are two main reasons:
First of all, we don’t get any fee from the client; that’s right, we only get paid if we win, if the client wins. In other words, you have nothing to lose here.
We will fight for your behalf and if we win, we get our legal fee from the compensation you receive.

Second, we can represent passengers from worldwide flights, from more than 300 different airlines.
So, if you were travelling with any one of those airlines and you experienced flight delay or flight cancelled situation, we have you covered.


How Our Delayed Flight Claim Service Works

Send us your flight details to check  if your cancelled or delayed flight is eligible for compensation, you can get up to 600€ from the airline. Don't leave money to the airlines after the bad service you've received, get the refund you deserve for your time loss!

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Sit Back & let Tourist Legal Assistance do the work, we file the claim for you and fight legally to get your deserved compensation. Our service is 100% free no hidden fee or bad surprises, just results!

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Once we've finish to do all the paperwork it's only matter of time and you will get compensated for your delayed or cancelled flight, the maximum amount of compensation generally is  €600.

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Why Do I Need Professional Services to Claim Flight Refund or Other Compensation?

As you can imagine, airlines don’t want to pay passengers a large sum of money in case of flight delay or flight cancellation; the process not only lengthy but also full of bureaucratic twists. That’s where you would need travel claim solicitor and flight refund specialist on your side.

In what circumstances the airline has to pay and in what cases they can avoid it?

Usually there are three main reasons to claim for a flight refund and compensation; Flight Delay, Flight Cancellation and Flight Overbooking. Airlines can avoid paying compensations to the passengers if they can prove the flight was delayed or cancelled because of some exceptional circumstances like weather etc. Also, the definition of “exceptional circumstances” is different in different countries.

  • Flight Delay: If your flight was delayed for more than 3 hours, you are eligible for compensation claim and we can help you as we cover worldwide flights.
  • Flight Cancellation: If your flight was cancelled because of airline’s fault like delay in maintenance, aircraft or crew unavailability etc. then you can claim for compensation.
  • Flight Overbooking: Sometimes airlines book more seats than available number to balance the number of passengers with no-show. In case of overbooking, if the airline cancels your seat, you can claim for compensation.

Again, the service is absolutely free and we would get paid a percentage of the compensation only if we win. That’s a strong incentive for us to help you win the case against the airline on any of the worldwide flights.

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