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Are you victim of a flight problem?
You may receive a compensation of up to €600 for each passenger


Flight Cancelled? Get a Refund with Our Free Claim Service!

flight delaysCancelled and overbooked flights happen every day of the year and you may be entitled to compensation. Some airlines may offer vouchers in return for a delay but most of the time you need to submit a travel claim in order to get a refund.
Air Travel can be very painful, especially if your plane was overbooked, delayed or cancelled. When that happens you can be entitled to up to 600€ in compensation because of EU regulations.

This compensation applies to all flight leaving the EU with any airline and to all flights arriving in EU with European airlines. But you might never see that money because in order to make your claim you have to fill out a lot of forms and paperwork and wait on the phone for hours.
Thanks to Tourist legal assistance now getting an air travel refund is very easy: you can use our services to get a rightful compensation from the airline. Just send your flight information to our email ( or using our contact form and we will run your claim and fight legally for your compensation.

Give us the necessary information, and we will get your money for you, with no hassle and no fees unless you are compensated. Flight delays happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them.
You deserve compensation for your troubles and we know how to get it for you, Tourist legal assistance lets you easily check the eligibility of your flight and track your claims.

All the other passenger of your flight may also be entitled to a flight refund so you can share our services with them.
We only get paid if you get paid, simple as that, with Tourist legal assistance you will never miss a flight compensation again!

How Our Flight Claim Service Works

Send us your flight details to check  if your cancelled or delayed flight is eligible for compensation, you can get up to 600€ from the airline. Don't leave money to the airlines after the bad service you've received, get the refund you deserve for your time loss!

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Sit Back & let Tourist Legal Assistance do the work, we file the claim for you and fight legally to get your deserved compensation. Our service is 100% free no hidden fee or bad surprises, just results!

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Once we've finish to do all the paperwork it's only matter of time and you will get compensated for your delayed or cancelled flight, the maximum amount of compensation generally is  €600.

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Protecting air passenger rights

We're laying down the law and making it easier than ever to stand up to the airline industry.
What many passengers don’t realize is they have more rights than the airlines may lead you to believe. Compensation is often in order but not given for delays and cancellations. Compensation will vary by country, departure city, and time delayed but it can’t hurt to see if you have the right to compensation

Not all flights and delays will qualify for compensation but it is free to find out. If you experienced a delay, cancellation or were bumped from a flight then check your compensation status for free with us. You never know if you will be entitled to compensation from the airline. The bottom line is Tourist Legal Assistance will get you paid if your flight is eligible for compensation.

Just Submit Your Flight Details and Let Us Take Care of the rest:

  1. Contact us to see if your cancelled or delayed flight is eligible for compensation;
  2. Sit Back & let Tourist Legal Assistance do the work;
  3. Receive up to €600 in compensation.

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