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Michele Pagano

In the last 10 years the Lawyer Michele Pagano has performed with excellent results in assisting international citizen in Italy and Italian entrepreneurs in adopting outsourcing policies in other countries, with great skills also in and public and private international law. Michele founded TLA to help foreign citizen in need of legal assistance in Italy and assist international companies with their business. Michele’s high professionalism and experience gained in the field of managing planning and control in the administrative field now is been used in the field of professional advocacy and in international law in collaboration with many Embassies in Italy.

Michele's area of expertise are criminal Law - civil Law - administrative law, and in particular:

criminal proceedings, memoirs, civil law constitutions and anything else related to and related to real rights, real estate law, leases, different housing, real rights and enjoyment, compensation for damages, credit recovery, labor law, contractual public procurement and private, contracts and contracts of the public administration executions real estate, administrative proceedings administrative appeals, building and town planning, right of the environment.

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Michele Pagano