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Aldo Portavia

El Abogado Aldo Portavia nació en Roma el 24 de febrero de 1973 y obtuvo la profesión de Abogado en el Tribunal de Apelaciones de Roma en 2002, apoyando a los Magistrados Superiores.

Durante sus casi 20 años de actividad en el campo de la medicina forense, ha ganado una experiencia profesional consolidada en el campo de la quiebra, con especial referencia a los perfiles de importancia criminal. Recibió especialización en asuntos penales, asistiendo al bienio 2011/2012, el curso bienal de formación profesional superior para el abogado penal organizado por el Sindicato Nacional de Cámaras Penales italianas.

From 2002 onwards, with the issue of certification, the finalization courses that the Union of Criminal Chambers of Rome annually carries out under criminal law. He works as a Penal Lawyer with Farmed s.r.l., a company that cares for the interests of more than four thousand pharmacies located in the country. He is also the APIM Victim of the Road. Currently, Prelios has been selected as a qualified analyst in the conduct of "due diligence" verification at the Banco Popolare Institute of Milan, headquartered in Rome, Via Carucci. Avv. Portavia has a number of external professionals whose collaboration allows to easily handle all types of legal issues - both merit and executive - at the Judicial Offices of each Italian city. Currently, due to the number and importance of the managed procedures, there are relationships of stable and continuous collaboration with major law firms of 28 provinces. The study is also the only partner in the International Law Firm DON SAVATTA (Civil and Criminal Litigation, Family Law, Wills, Trusts and Estates, Corporate Law, Civil Litigation, General Practice), 250 Park Avenue - Suite 2020, New York .

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