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What to do If You Had a Car Accident in Italy

When you visit Italy, driving around in a car is the best way to see the city.  However, if you’re driving a car there is still the possibility of there being a road accident and by bad luck, if or someone you know gets into a traffic accident in Italy you need to remain calm and know how to handle the situation.

Firstly, if someone is hurt during the accident it is absolutely crucial that you call and ambulance by dialing 118 and the right authorities by dialing 112 or 113. If no one has suffered any major casualties escort them (do not touch) to a safe place to prevent any further harm. Do not interact with the vehicles involved in the accident in any way until the police arrive and have evaluated and made a report on what’s happened.

After calling all necessary authorities and aid, take pictures and note down car plate numbers as well as address locations along with any details of the insurance companies of the parties. If any people witnessed the accident happen their phone numbers, name and address are just as equally important. After Italian authorities have arrived at the scene and made a report read it carefully before signing it and ask for a duplicate which you’ll need to use for the compensation process.

If the other party was to blame for the accident, you can get financial assistance from the party with which the blame for the accident lies this includes hospital fees, alternative transport charges, damages to the car and other expenses brought on the by the inconvenience. Naturally, such a process required professional help considering the opposing party can refuse to pay the compensation.

You can receive the compensation for the accident within a window of two years by submitting a request for damages by registered mail, to the insurance company and to the other party. If the insurance company does not agree to pay the amount specified for damage then the only option you have is to turn to court and file a lawsuit against the party that is to be blamed for the accident.

In most cases, many people tend to avoid turning to court and submitting the form to insurance companies due to the complexity and details required. In such cases, our firm is more than willing to help you get through a hard time by providing professional assistance in filling out all necessary documentation as well as representing your case in court to make sure you are compensated in full.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Italy and wish to have further information on the legal options available to you, call us today for professional guidance.

Common types of road accidents. Generally road traffic accidents fall into the following categories:

  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Cycling accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Passenger accidents
  • Car accidents

We can help you recover a fair compensation caused by injuries occurred in road accidents caused by others.

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