How to Get Compensated for Accidents in Italy

We have significant experience in handling auto accident claims involving pedestrians and vehicles. Italian law regarding car accidents and insurance is complex and continues to evolve with recent legislation. We have the experience and resources to aggressively represent your claim to ensure you are receiving the just compensation that you deserve.

If you’ve suffered an injury that feels wrong, it probably is. We can help you make it right with an injury claim, which is a legal case you can start if you’ve been injured in an accident and it wasn’t your fault. It’s the process of recovering compensation from the party responsible for your injury.

Generally, an injury claim can be started when someone has been injured in an accident that:

  1. Happened within the last three years
  2. Resulted in you suffering financially as well as physically
  3. Was caused by somebody else.

We offer free, impartial advice about compensation and can guide you through the first steps.

Three Reasons Why You Need an Attorney in Italy

  • To bring a lawsuit in Italy you will need to work with an attorney who is licensed to practice there.
  • You will want to work with an Italian lawyer who is familiar with the area and able to properly investigate your case. We’ve undertaken many complex investigations. We work with skilled accident reconstruction experts to gather and preserve evidence.
  • You will need an attorney who knows local court rules. Our professionals have decades of experience handling accident cases both in mediation and in court.

Our Italian Personal Injury Solicitors are specialized in dealing with car accidents in Italy as well as other accidents where our clients aren’t responsible for it. In last couple of months, we have successfully made some small to high value claims based on the situation and involved parties. If you were part of a car accident in Italy where you weren’t responsible for that incident and you need an Italian law firm or Italian lawyer to get accident refund, we can help you out.

What Are Some Most Common Occurrences Where We Can Help You With?

“Personal injury accident” is a broad term and there are many different possibilities with countless scenarios. However, some common ones are car accident in Italy, other road accidents, slipping and falling in public places, medical malpractice, accidents caused by faulty goods and others. Let’s take a closer look.

Road Accidents

Road accident is a pretty common occurrence all over the world. In the majority of the cases, one party solely carries the responsibility of the accident and other party (or parties) should be compensated for their loss. Our team of Italian lawyers is specialized in dealing with satiations like this.

Slips, trips and falls
Public places like parks and superstores need regular maintenance and of course there are entities which are responsible for keeping those places safe for general public. If you trip, slip or fall on those places because of the negligence of the responsible party, you deserve a fair compensation and we as Italian personal injury solicitors can help you get accident refund.
Slips, trips or falls generally are the most common injury cases we work with. They can cause serious injuries such as broken bones and back injuries. For example if you’re fallen in a public place for slippery floor or for a broken step it is possible that your injury was was the result of negligence and could have been prevented by the owner of the premises you fell. Call us now to find out more about compensation after a slip, trip or fall.

Workplace Accidents

Organizations and employers are responsible for making the workplace safe for their employees and if you think you are a victim of someone else’s carelessness then you can ask for the compensation.

Medical Malpractice

We have a separate team of Italian lawyers who is specialized in dealing with personal injury accidents related to medical malpractice. Considering medical malpractice is a broad area that could result in relatively smaller losses to loss of life, we believe such matters should be reviewed by specialist Italian law firm which understands the system perfectly. This will increase your chances of getting a fair accident refund from the party responsible for the negligence or their insurer.

Holiday Accidents

There are endless possibilities of holiday accidents and it is sole responsibility of the host to provide a safe recreational environment to the visitors and tourists. In incidents involving horse riding, swimming pools, hotels, skiing and other activities, you can get professional help from us if you believe if was caused by someone else’s negligence and carelessness.

 At What Stage Do You Need Us?

In some cases, both parties (of all parties if there are more than two) set the dispute outside of the court via discussions and negotiations. In those situations, we can negotiate on your behalf and help you get a fair compensation. If such negotiations and discussions fail, our Italian personal injury solicitors can fight in court on your behalf to get the best possible settlement offer.

No upfront or unexpected costs and nothing to pay if your claim is unsuccessful

No win no fee is an arrangement between a lawyer and a client in which the lawyer gets paid only if he or she achieves a satisfactory result for the client. You really don’t have to pay if you lose: If your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay for our legal service, that means you don't risk anything to start a compensation claim with us. for Injury claims generally we apply the no win no feee agreement:  there are no hidden charges. Starting your injury claim with us gives you a free and impartial advice before you decide to claim If you’re in need for some legal advice, contact us now to explain your problem and any questions you might have. All our legal consultations are free and confidential. Simply call us or submit the details of your case using our contact form to get an immediate response from one of our lawyers specialized in Injury claims in Italy. We’ve been providing personal injury services, help and support for over 20 years. In our 20 years’ we’ve helped a lot of people injured in any kind of accident. If you are wondering how we can help you, or if your type of accident is covered by no win no fee agreement, contact us now for a free chat, we can definitely assist you if you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

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