If you have been injured during your stay in Italy, contact us immediately and submit your case for a free legal consultation. We will evaluate the circumstances of the of your particular situation and the causes of your Injury. If your Injury was caused by negligence of others or by reckless actions against the law we will support you in every stage in order to get the compensation you deserve for the physical and material damages. Cases of personal injury compensation include drunk drivers, medical malpractice, slippery floors, dog bites, sport injury, work injury.

Statistics show that 45% of injury cases that could be entitled for a refund are not claimed with the consequential loss of a deserved compensation for the damage received.
Compensation of losses and other ways of property damage reimbursement are very common cases of law in Italy, usually for road and pedestrian accidents, and other type of injuries you need to hire a good lawyer in order to protect your interests and support your case. In the last year we’ve negotiated more than 1 million euros in compensation for our clients cases and we can proved you with the best legal assistance in Italy for this kind of cases. Do not hesitate to contact us immediately for assistance regarding your injury case in Italy, you will have a free evaluation and free legal assistance. We will never charge you for our legal work; only when yo get the compensation you deserve we will receive the legal expenses of the trial from your counterpart.

If you have been injured you may be wondering what’s the maximum compensation you could receive and how you can connect with experienced attorney; with us you can get a free evaluation for the answer to all these questions.

This is how the whole process of injury refund in Italy works with us:

  1. First of all we listen your story and we give you a free consultation about your case.
  2. We sign an agreement of legal representation
  3. We start working on your case redacting all the legal documents for the injury compensation request,
  4. We try to negotiate your case for a fair compensation in order to reach a settlemet
  5. If the negotiation goes as we expect we complete the settlement and process your payment. If we can not reach a settlement or you are not satisfied of the compensation offer, we will take your case to court assisting you in every step of the trial

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