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Have you or a loved one been arrested in Italy for road traffic violation or other criminal charges?

Police law steel handcuffs arrest crime human handWeather its business or pleasure, visitors to Italy face many of the same dangers that other country-dwellers faces as they navigate their way through Italy.  The poor judgment of others doesn’t favor people based upon where they reside.  Consequently, tourists to Italy may be involved in criminal problem  - We are here for help you You Can immedialy speck in your lenguege with our Local Criminal Defence Lawyer

The moment handcuffs click shut behind you, or the momente that the police arrested you, every decision you make counts. Every choice could have a profound impact on the rest of your life. A criminal conviction has ripple effects that go beyond jail time and fines. Even a misdemeanor record can appear on background searches made when applying for a job, a school.

The most important choice you can make is finding the right local criminal defense attorney for your case. Your attorney will protect your rights and fight to help you obtain the best possible result. With so much at stake, it's critical that you choose an attorney with the training and experience to help you secure justice in your case.

Most people believe that if they haven’t done anything wrong, they don’t go to prison. Unfortunately this is not true. Facts are always ambiguous and equivocal. Innocent people do go to prison. It can happen to you, your friends or your family. If you are suspected of a crime, whether you are innocent or guilty, you need to be prudent and contact a criminal defense attorney for help as quickly as possible

You do not have to proceed with a police interview or submit any other police procedures without representation of your solicitor. From TLA you can have:

  1. advice and assistance on criminal proceeding
  2. legal aid during questioning at the police station
  3. full legal representation at all court levels
  4. Penitentiary Law – Temporary Release, Communication and Visitation to prisoners, Departure permits, Third degree, Change of penitentiary Center, alternative measures for detention.

For a skilled team of attorneys who fight for the rights of defendants in all Italy Country. All our criminal defense attorneys in Italy fight for the rights of those accused of any type of crime or of those defense of any type of victim crime . By hiring us, you will have access to one of our experienced end local attorneys 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

We work had to build the strongest defense possible, so that charges may be reduced or dismissed. Contact  us .

The Italian criminal procedure begins when the Police or the Public Prosecutor becomes acquainted with a fact which could be considered a crime. Some crimes require criminal complaint by the injured party in order to proceed. Some others (the more serious ones) do not require any criminal complaint but procedure will be triggered automatically.

Once the crime is reported, investigation will take place and its duration is dependent upon type of crime.

Over the course of investigation, the person who may have committed the crime and the injured party supported by their lawyers or their technical advisers could carry out defense investigation, whose result will be submitted to the Public Prosecutor in charge for the criminal procedure, in order to support defense of each party.

Once investigation is closed, the Public Prosecutor will determine if sending the case to trial or submitting to the Judge in charge for Preliminary Investigation (Giudice per le Indagini Preliminary) a request for filing in the archives .

The suspect and the injured party may object to the request for filing in and a hearing of debate will be scheduled after the objection. In this case, the Judge in charge for Preliminary Investigation will determine if new investigation has to be carried out or rather archiving the case. For certain assumptions, the Judge may also order the Public Prosecutor to formalize an indictment against the suspect (i.e. enforced indictment).

For certain types of crime, between the end of preliminary investigation and the beginning of criminal trial, the Italian criminal code additionally provides for a “preliminary” hearing.

The preliminary hearing gives greater safeguards to the person who may have committed the crime, since during the debate, the defense attorney will explain the reasons why a trial against the suspect should not commence, as evidence gathered by the Public Prosecutor is considered to be insufficient or unsuitable to support the complaint. It will be for the Court to determine if going to trial or rendering a “pronouncement of acquittal”.

In case the criminal trial takes place, the defendant has the possibility to ask to be heard, to submit documents and witnesses on his/her behalf. The same rights are recognized to the injured party (the victim of the crime), who can participate in the criminal trial in order to obtain compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses as consequence of crime.

The list of witnesses for each party must necessarily be submitted at least seven days prior to the date scheduled for the beginning of the criminal trial (criminal case), penalty for that is the revocation of the right to submit witnesses.

The Italian criminal law allows the defendant to request for an alternative proceeding for definition of the trial against him/her. The choice of an alternative proceeding will allow for a reduced sentence, in case of conviction.

Once the first degree of judgment ends, the Court will render a judgment which must be justified and can be challenged by the defendant (in case of conviction) or by the Public Prosecutor (in case of acquittal).

The injured party is also recognized the right to challenge the judgment.

In Italy, there are three degrees of judgment: Court (collegiate or monocratic structure), Court of Appeal and Court of Cassation (i.e. Supreme Court).

Criminal Case we can help you with:

• Traffic Crimes
• Alcohol Offenses
• Driving Under the Influence
• Probation Violation
• Solicitation of Prostitution
• Accused of drink driving
• Vehicular homicide and manslaughter
• Drug trafficking
• Smuggling and drug trafficking
• Crimes against Road Safety,

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