If you have been in a car accident in Italy and have personally injured then there are some things you need to know. If you were damaged in an accident due to the negligence of the other party involved then by Italian law they are required to restore your standing to where you would have been if you hadn’t incurred the accident.
In Italy, it is compulsory for vehicles to be guaranteed by approved insurance agencies. That implies the greater part of the damages has a reasonable compensation, but that doesn’t mean that the insurance agency the other party is associated with will want to willingly pay the compensation. In more than a few cases, the insurance agency will deny the amount of compensation that requested and in some cases not pay altogether. In such cases, going to court is unavoidable.
If the damage that you sustained during you taking part in sports or while doing anything else by the personal negligence of someone else, then said person is still responsible to restore the injured to the financial and social position you would be in if you hadn’t been injured. To calculate how much compensation you can get it is important to know that the Italian Civil Code calculates the damages in patrimonial damages and non-patrimonial damages.
Patrimonial damages represent the economic lost the injured party has suffered due to the accident. Patrimonial damages can include direct payments for the inconvenience subjected to the injured party which includes medical fees, loss of property, and any other damage the injured party or their belongings received. The second form of compensation is the financial loss the injured party experiences in the long run such as loss of income and issues the injured party will face in the future because of the injury.
Non-patrimonial damages happen when a purposeful or careless act causes an individual harm. These are classified as “biological damages” and are mostly related to mental, physical and social damages as well as “moral damages” which include moral harm, distress, anxiety and other damages to the mental state.
Though the Italian court system has made it mandatory for injured parties to be compensated when the other party is to blame but there are still many difficulties along the way. Considering only Italian lawyers can represent the injured party in court and negotiations it’s highly recommended you find an Italian Lawyer proficient in English.